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Basement Conversions

No matter the size of your home there is always a chance that you will need more space. Whether it is to create that home office or free up a play room for the kids we can help. Our damp cellar solutions can offer you just what you need to have somewhere else to store all the things that come with everyday life.

One option that is open to you is to convert your basement space (if you are fortunate enough to have it) into an additional area of your home. One that you can use as you need to. We can guide you towards the most cost effective waterproofing basement products.

Much like any building work that happens within a property; it is important that you speak to an expert. Tanking damp is a big project so you need to ensure that it is completed correctly. This is to ensure that you are left with exactly what you were looking for and always at the highest quality.

At ProTecure you can be sure of 100% quality work each and every time. Our damp cellar solutions are provided using the highest quality products including tanking membranes.

How to damp proof a basement

We are a family run business that has over 30 years' experience in damp proofing and related services.

Our team know exactly what you need and how to deliver the results that you have in mind. Based in Bedfordshire, we offer the area a customer focused solution for your basement conversion needs.

We can guide you through the process of tanking damp walls, ensuring that you not only understand what to expect but that you are kept up to date with the work that we are carrying out for you. 

Whether it is a large complex project or a smaller simple job; we are there ready to help you achieve exactly what you need.

So give us a call today.