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Condensation is one of the many ways in which damp problems can occur in your home. Learn how to notice when damp start occurring and how to treated effectively.

There are different types of damp which can damage your home. This includes penetrating damp, and rising damp. But it can also be due to condensation. Condensation can lead to molten grows on your walls. Condensation usually occurs when moisture comes in contact with a cold surface.

Condensation can easily cause mould, which is why you should treat it early. But it all starts with finding the source of moisture. In many cases, this moisture originates from the kitchen or bathroom areas.

This is why you should check any broken seals and replace them often. You can also install extractor fans above your stove areas. Be sure to let moist air out and always have fresh air inside your home.

You can also insulate your home to help prevent condensation from causing mould. You can also try to get your home slightly warm, so cold rooms will not produce condensation.

If you already have mould on your windows or walls, you should clean it first. Then you should find the source of moisture and fix it. From there you can get a professional team to damp proof your home.

By carefully looking out for damp, you can prevent it from causing trouble. Be sure to do regular maintenance and have working pipes and plumbing in your home.

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