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Dry Rot Treatment

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  • 25-07-2017
Dry Rot Treatment

Dry Rot Treatment 

Without enough time and attention as a homeowner, a dry rot outbreak will be a destructive issue. If you do not have enough time to address the problem, it is best to seek help from a professional damp expert.

At  ProTecure, we have extensive knowledge and profound expertise that can make your home dry rot free. We offer innovative and effective solutions. This will work to never give fungi an opportunity to grow.

Repair any Damaged or Infected Wood

Our well-trained technicians will remove infected wood or wall plaster to directly access the area with dry rot. Typically, it is a difficult task and can take for a few hours. However, we have experienced and equipped people who make the process easy. We can really avoid discomfort and provide guaranteed enjoyment. 

Stop the Sources of Dampness and Moisture

After that, we're going to identify and eradicate the sources of dampness or moisture. Then, we'll provide rapid drying in damp wood. That way, we can help prevent further outbreaks of the dry rot. We will control moisture that will enable affected wooden areas to dry out and avoid dry rot spores.

Treat Dry Rot 

For orthodox, chemical fungicides are used. In environmental treatment, providers help control environmental conditions to address the issue. When it comes to heat treatment, companies use machines to prevent fungal growth by extreme heat. For biological treatment, other organisms are employed. 

Replace Timbers 

Having treated the wood, we remove infected material. Then, we replace or repair it when the need arises. We also consider engineering approaches in order to isolate any structural timber. We provide this as an affordable service for you.

At  ProTecure, we utilise a range of damp proofing options. We use the trusted brand in the market to ensure quality results. Depending on the situation, we integrate some of the given treatments in our services to prevent dry rot effectively.

Improve Underfloor Ventilation 

Aside from that, we use preventative methods to get rid of dry rot and improve ventilation in a property. It is said that poor ventilation is one of the reasons why dry rot occurs apart from dampness and moisture. That's why we are here to serve you. We can make your home a well-ventilated one that can help the drying process more convenient. Call us today to attend to your damp or timber problems.

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