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Finding Damp in your Property

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  • 25-10-2016
Finding Damp in your Property

If you suspect that you have damp in your home, it's important to investigate thoroughly. Let's take a look at how you can find the causes of damp and how to treat them effectively.

Damp can be found in almost any home. It can cause structural damage as well as reduce the value of your home. This is what's important to constantly look for signs of damp to fix any issues as soon as possible. There are also different types of damp that you should look out for. This includes penetrating damp as well as rising damp.

It is not always necessary to undergo expensive scientific tests to find damp. A few basic investigative methods can also reveal a lot. If you feel a wall is wet to the touch, it can be a sign of damp. You can also look for patches on your walls, especially when it comes to the rising damp.

If you rent out your house, is very important to fix damp issues as soon as possible. This can be due to a leaking pipe or defective fittings and plumbing.

You need to prevent moisture from leaking into your walls whenever possible. You can also get professional help from a reliable damp proofing team. 

This will help to safeguard your home against future damp issues. In turn, this not only makes your house looks good but also saves you money.

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