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How Dry Rot Occurs

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  • How Dry Rot Occurs
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  • 13-07-2017
How Dry Rot Occurs

How Dry Rot Occurs? 

Dry rot is a wood decay caused by fungi. The latter digest parts of the timber that can weaken its strength and integrity. The term dry rot is used to describe any cured wood decay in ships as well as buildings. This will result in a cracked or dark coloured damaged condition.

It has a life-cycle that can be broken into four stages. It starts as a microscopic spore that can be compared to a fine orange dust. When there is a too much moisture exposure, spores will start to thrive and become white strands or hyphae. 

As white strands germinate, they will form mycelium that is recognised as a large mass. After that, the fruiting body will pump new and additional spores into the air. 

Dry rot spores are noticeable within most residential properties. Though they appear harmful, they cannot put your life at stake. When the sufficient moisture is available in a place, they will begin to germinate. Following this, they will form a fluffy cotton wool.  Eventually, they can potentially damage your entire house if you do not address them as quickly as possible. With that, they may become a hazard that can greatly affect your health.

What are the Disadvantages when Dry Rot goes Unsolved? 


Wood decay is a problem you have to handle seriously and quickly. When it is not addressed, it produces musty odours that are inconvenient and unpleasant. After that, it can turn to hyphae, mycelium, and a fruiting body that can severely affect your health. 

Uncomfortable Ambience

Dry rot can also transform a friendly environment in your property into an uncomfortable space. The rot will turn to a milieu that becomes unpleasant. As a result, you will feel stressed at all times. So, you should prevent dampness to have a dry rot free home with a comfortable environment.

Reduce the Value of your Property

Have you been exerting great efforts to boost the value of your home? If so, you have to watch out for dry rot because it is truly damaging. Without attention to detail and enough care, it can aggressively grow that can destroy your property. So, you do not have to wait for the time when dry rot reduces the value of your home. Always look around your house to see a dry rot outbreak.

Dry rot occurs when timber is exposed to dampness or moisture. Over a short time, it grows fast. When there is fungal growth in some parts of your wood,  ProTecure   is the right company for you. 

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