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How To Fix A Wet Rot Problem

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  • How To Fix A Wet Rot Problem
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  • 07-10-2017
How To Fix A Wet Rot Problem

How To Fix A Wet Rot Problem

Typically, wet rot is confined to the areas or surfaces where the timbers have become wet. This is usually in places that remain moisturised over a long time. 

So it is not just the case of removing wet rot damage. You need to fix the direct source of water ingress in order to make sure that won't come back or appear anymore. No matter how great the wet rot treatment you need to maintain the area. If the surface remains moisturised for a long time, there is still potential case the rot will return in the future.

  • It is better to remove the moisture in the area where it lives and grows. To make it possible, trace the cause of the moisture. It may come from a damaged plumbing system, leaking pipes, burst tubes and other systems where water is leaking. 
  • After the water source has been identified and then fixed, the wet rot treatment can be continued. The wet rot treatment will generally involve a replacement of a new timber in those infected areas.
  • You will need to replace your timber with a new one. This is because the damaged timber can cause you more unexpected damage in the future. Make sure that the new timber is pre-treated using a professional solution.
  • Wet rot is often associated with damp musty smell. Homeowners tend to smell this but don't know where it comes from. Wet rot does not just live in exposed areas, as they too can live in hidden surfaces where moisture is abundant. 

If you are worried that your property is not fully safe against wet rot attacks, opt for a professional property survey. This can help a lot.  A professional can identify, as well as reveal the scope of the existing wet rot issues. They can also identify the source of the water ingress.

With the help of an expert survey, wet rot causes can be surveyed and identified. This may be in unexposed areas on your property. This includes below the floorboards and behind the walls. This is important if you lack knowledge about wet rot and if your area is prone to this type of infestation. 

A professional wet rot survey and treatment is the ideal option. This can help to fix your wet rot problems. They can identify the buildup in your property. If you suspected any wet rot attack in your property, we are here to help. Call us today.

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