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How to Solve a Penetrating Damp Problem

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  • 09-03-2017
How to Solve a Penetrating Damp Problem

How to Solve a Penetrating Damp Problem

When a home or building is dominated by water, it may cause great damage which can be more expensive to repair. When water has accessed the property walls, it is called a penetrating damp. This is the result of water entering the walls because of the possible entrances. These can include broken gutters, cracked and old bricks, or leaking roofs. 

When penetrating damp happens, you are left dumbfounded since you don't know to treat the problem. Nevertheless, you don't have to worry anymore because  ProTecure is here to help you!

 ProTecure  is your one-stop solution when it comes to penetrating damp. We are capable of resolving your problems in an instant.

What to do when penetrating damp occurs

Solving a penetrating damp can be a serious problem especially if you are not knowledgeable enough to make it happen. Resolving this issue is not easy since a whole property is affected and walls are not easy to fix. Penetrating damp happens because there are factors that trigger it. These can be a broken plumbing system, weakly installed windows, and dripping roofs.

How can you solve a penetrating dump? Simple, you can either do the solving yourself or ask for the help of  ProTecure.

Check the source

Source checking is a big help if you want to resolve the problem on your own. Doing so, you will determine which part of your property the water enters. Once you have known, you can perform basic treatment on the damage by applying some sealant. 

Doing this, you can solve the problem immediately without asking for the help of a professional. Regular checkup of your property will help you know the source of the problem.

Inspect the property

There are times that your property will receive all the damage that penetrating damp has done. The plaster on your walls can be your guide if water has soaked into it. When your property's plaster has been removed, it means that water penetrated on it. Also, if mould starts to grow, water is present in your property walls.

Call a Professional

If you have done everything and still can't resolve the issue, calling a professional is the best answer. Seeking our expertise will help you resolve the problem in an instant since we can provide the proper solution. Also, we are fully equipped which will make the process fast and easy. With us, penetrating damp will never be a problem.

If you want your property walls free from penetrating damp, call  ProTecure. We will be happy to provide you with the resolve for your problem without any glitches.