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Wet Rot Treatment

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  • 19-09-2017
Wet Rot Treatment

Wet Rot Treatment

Wet rot lives and grows in areas where a regular amount of moisture is present. The potential causes of these moist areas are damaged plumbing or washing machines that are not connected properly. It can also be caused by other operations where liquids are involved. 

The first step to treating wet rot is to ensure that the source of moisture is removed. The surrounding surfaces where they grow also need to be dried out. 

Check out the areas at home where excessive moisture is seen. Don't overlook the hidden areas. You may remain unaware of their existence in those places until damage begins appearing.

With a small outbreak of wet rot, the infected timber can be damaged.  A  new piece of the treated timber may be infected by the damaged ones. Once a wet rot infestation occurs use a  suitable fungicide treatment to stop them from growing. 

In the worst case, where your timbers are affected by wet rot, the timbers may lose its total strength. This is because the damage is too huge for your timber to handle. 

The most important thing to do is to remove the damaged timber and replace it with a new one. Make sure that the new one is pre-treated to avoid any potential germination of the wet rot spores. Discuss it with a  professional to apply the correct treatment process.  You will get the most suitable advice to handle any attack in the future. 

On the other hand, the worst case is when wet rot occurs in the structural timbers,  roof trusses or floor joists. In a case like this, a professional is needed. This is in order for the property to regain its structural integrity. 

Ask an Expert

Is your wet rot no longer preventable using your own knowledge and tools?  Feel free to call  ProTecure  for an expert solution. 

In any of the cases mentioned above, our fully experienced and expertly qualified professionals are here to help. We can help get back the value of your property and let you acquire a liveable space. 

We can also identify the signs of the wet rot buildup. We can apply the necessary knowledge and tool to make everything right. Let the job done by an expert. Let  ProTecure  handle it for you. Call us today!

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