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Wet Rot Spotting The Signs

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  • Spotting The Signs of Wet Rot
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  • 07-09-2017

Wet Rot - Spotting The Signs

Some of us don't have enough awareness about wet rot. It is important to understand how it exists and the ways that you can spot it. You can learn how to spot them, together with the signs that wet rot is already in your timber. 

Every home or property uses timber in its decoration or construction. Timber can last a long period of time. But it still can decay due to the problems that wet rot can create.  The solution is to make sure that it is looked after.

Providing that your timbers are well maintained, it will last a long time. That is why from the very start of the build-up, you should not overlook their signs. 

Wet rot can multiply rapidly. This is particularly true in the areas where the constant amount of moisture is available.  This often is the result of a  damaged plumbing system. There are typical indications of the signs of wet rot in your timber.

Be aware if you happen to notice a certain area where you experience a damp musty smell. Be particularly vigilant in your timbers. this is potentially where wet rot can occur. 

Wet rot is not just ugly to the eye, but they are also unpleasant to the nose. Another sign that wet rot is in your timber is that if you see a cracking and softening area. This may often  be discoloured. 

This is a sign that your timber is affected. If this remains untreated, over time, it will become distorted.  Your timber will begin to lose its strength, thus high levels of damage will occur.

In addition, you may also notice the growth of fungi in your timber. Wet rot can germinate and grow with just a regular amount of moisture. The wet surface can be the best breeding ground for the fungal spores. So once the excessive amount of moisture is removed from a surface, the fungal growth will not continue to process.

On the other hand, identifying the signs and existence of wet rot is not an exact science. There are lots of forms of wet rot, which can potentially affect the structure of your property.

Without a proper knowledge, training, and experience, it might be hard for you to spot the signs of wet rot. You may also find it hard to know the difference between wet or dry rot.  ProTecure  are here to help prevent the wet rots from building up and coming back in your timbers.

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