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What are the major Causes of Damp

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  • 06-10-2016
What are the major Causes of Damp

There are many causes of dampness in your home. That's why you should know how to look for them and repair them as soon as possible. Here are a few popular causes of damp in your home. 

One of the main causes of damp is air moisture condensation. Many features of old buildings actually result in higher humidity. This includes many energy saving measures that they've used. Condensation will occur on any surface that is below the dew point. 

Then you should look for penetrating damp. This can occur in roofs, chimneys and more. When moisture goes through a wall, it can cause damage and this should be repaired as soon as possible. Penetrating damp usually is a result of a leaking pipe or a crack in the wall. 

Internal spillage can be issues like overflowing showers or baths. It can also be as a result of leaking pipes. Even washing machines or dishwashers that leak can cause accidental damage.

Finally, below ground damp or rising damp can also be an issue. This can be due to leaks or cracks, or using the wrong building materials. New concrete floors can drive moisture to the walls and this can rise with time. 

Remember to take extra care with older buildings. Inspect them thoroughly and get professional damp proof experts to assist. By preventing damp, you can reduce your future repair costs. 

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