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What Causes Condensation

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  • 03-05-2017
What Causes Condensation

What Causes Condensation?

Air temperature, surface temperature of windows and moisture level of the air should be checked. These are the three significant factors that greatly cause condensation. Generally, the more moisture present in the air, the more chances for condensation to occur. 

Without being aware, your daily activities at home can cause the process of condensation. This unawareness may lead into serious problems over time. You have to discover what the major causes are that will make condensation happen.

If you think that condensation is just quite plain, you have to think twice.  This can result in damage or complication to your building. It can also  harm your health and the heath of your family. 

Being familiar with the causes of condensation can help you gain a better understanding. You can decide which things you need to avoid and what best solution or treatment you can apply. The cause of condensation might surprise you since these are just your common activities at home.

Bathing.When you take a shower and you choose to use hot water, you are actually producing steam where the water vapour can be present. Then, after a few seconds, as you finish your shower, you will notice that your body is still producing steam making more condensation process. The result of the condensation can be best noticed when your shower area is made of glass. You will notice that there are lots of water vapour produced. This way, your shower area is more prone to mildew or moulds.

Cooking.When you cook, you will notice that around the surface of the pot or container you use in containing, there is water vapour produced.  This is because the heat from the food and the vapour come into contact to the surface having below point of the water vapour. As a result, condensation occurs.

Boiling kettles.Boiling your kettle will be one of the best example in showing the process for condensation. You will notice that as the water reaches its boiling point which produces a large of water vapour.

Drying clothes.Whether you choose to dry your clothes natural or hang it in a radiator, stove or near the fire, it can still contribute to the process of condensation. This is because the water from the moist clothes will evaporate in the form of water vapour.

Breathing.Even by simply breathing, you can add to the condensation process. It is somehow surprising that with your usual daily activities condensation can occur.

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