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What is Building Breathability

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  • 30-09-2016
What is Building Breathability

To prevent damp from causing problems you need to understand how it occurs. Let's take a look at the breathability of a building and why it is so important. 

When you revamp a property, you need to look for signs of damp. It's important to do, since you'll need to repair these issues while you are revamping or building. Damp can be a costly damage to repair and can reduce the value of your property. When you work with older buildings, you need to look especially close for any signs of damp.

Older buildings have to breathe. Modern buildings have a lot of materials, add-ons and barriers to help keep moisture out, but older buildings don't. They are constructed with absorbent materials that can easily absorb moisture and lead to damp. This is why you should take note of older buildings.

Ventilation was not so sophisticated in older days, so it caused a moisture issue inside the home. There was no central heating system installed either. Moisture would easily penetrate through surfaces and this is why these buildings are so commonly seen with damp problems.

When you work on a new building you have to maintain balance. The moisture being absorbed should be equal to the evaporation rate of the building. Speak to a professional damp proofing expert to find out what damp proofing measures are available to you.

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