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What is Condensation

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What is Condensation

What is Condensation?

Typically, condensation occurs to buildings where warm water and moist air come together. When this contacts a cooler surfaces below a dew point like windows it condenses. Where the water condenses, condensation can happen. 

The air generally contains moisture. The air temperature can determine how much moisture it can hold.  The warm water can contain more moisture compared to cold water.

Warm water is sometimes not able to retaining the same moisture.  The water is then released into the cold air or colder surface. This will cause condensation to form and formation of mould quickly follows.

Generally, condensation may occur in surfaces. It may be interstitial condensation. This can occur between the layers of building envelopes.

This is typically the result of the air diffusing coming from the warm building interior. This mixes into the cool exterior while reaching the dew point within the fabric of the building.

Types of Condensation 

  • Warm-front condensation.This type of condensation usually occurs when a warm, damp air gets into the cold house. Typically, this happens during winter.
  • Cold-bridge condensation.This happens when warm, moisture comes into contact with building surface on or below its dew point. This process occurs at the external wall base where it is usually mistaken as rising damp in the windows. This also can cause the ceiling to rot as well on the roof underside.
  • Interstitial condensation.This usually occurs when warm, moist air is being diffused. This is absorbed into the vapour-permeable material like fibrous insulation. This occurs when the vapour-permeable material is warm to one side and cold on the other side. The moisture can be now be deposited into liquid form. This process is the usual problem occurring to the heavily insulate or even air-conditioned home. As mentioned above, this happens when the warm water vapour comes into contact with the cool surface. Condensation happens when the surface temperature is below the water vapour. So, where this water vapour come from?
  • Cooking.When you cook, you create steam which will hang around your home.
  • Drying clothes.When you dry your clothes indoor, you will either let them dry on its naturally or in front of your stove or on a fire. The water from your damp clothes will simply evaporate in a form of water vapour. This will hang around until it successfully finds the cold surface to condense on.
  • Bathing.When you use hot water while showering, this produces steam.

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