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What is Damp Proofing

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  • 20-10-2017
What is Damp Proofing

What is Damp Proofing?

If your home is damp, you may start to notice that paint is actually falling off your walls. When this happens you may become suspicious of the reasons. In order to fix this problem, you may try to repaint your walls over and over. However, all of your efforts are useless and this cannot solve the root cause.

Before you get rid of this type of problem, you need be more familiar with the cause. You also need a better understanding of what damp roofing actually is.

  • In construction, damp proofing is considered to be a protective measure. This is applied to the building foundation walls exteriors. It a common term used in describing a number of various damp proofing treatments or solutions.
  • Damp treatments are installed in order to prevent any damp problems on your property. Damp proofing is the type of waterproofing providing a barrier in the walls and floors.
  • Damp proofing is installed to prevent absorption or passage of the water.  This is to prevent water entering a masonry surface. The methods will protect against water leaks and capillary action. To do this, you have to apply a water-resistant material or treatment to the concrete surface or masonry. 

What makes damp proofing important?

Damp proofing will serve as your long-term solution in preventing any moisture decay. It can effectively prevent the moisture passing through into the interior spaces. Therefore, it can prevent timber decay as well as the structural damage like wet or dry rot and rising damp. 

It can also prevent your property experiencing rising damp. This is effective where you find rising damp. This happens when water comes from the ground and starts to rise up through the mortar and bricks of the building structure.  This is then soaked up by the structure the same way as water is soaked into the sponge. Here, you have to ensure that your damp proofing course is properly installed.  This will protect your building against the rising damp.

If you correctly install a damp proofing course chances are you will save your building structure from any damage. This can save you a huge amount in replacing parts or for building repairs.

You do want your investment to be slowly damaged. So it is best for you to start protecting your building by installing a damp proofing course.

 You may consult a specialist in order for your to a have proper inspection. They will advise on the right actions and what best solution will be. This will help you to have significant advice in maintaining your damp proofing effectively.

Do you need damp proofing? Read our Guide to Damp Treatment for further information.