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Why is Condensation A Problem

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  • Why is Condensation A Problem
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  • 26-04-2017
Why is Condensation A Problem

Why is Condensation A Problem?

Without knowing, condensation can come through behind the finishes of your home. This can include tiles, paint and paper. And this can cause black mould when the moisture is not being wiped away after several weeks. 

Have you noticed that in the recent years, condensation is becoming a common problem? Your home may become leaky as well as cold. This is most especially when you do not keep them well-insulated.  The gaps to the building fabric then allow drafts to occur. 

Nowadays,  people are getting more interested in having an air-tight home.  They are making condensation even worse. They can attend to this by installing the appropriate form of ventilation. This is simply because the musty water vapor loaded air is not being replaced with the fresh air.

So, what really makes condensation a problem?

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  • Mildew. When condensation occurs, there is a big possibility for the mildew to appear. And these fungi can actually damage the spaces or spots they grow by means of spreading their seeds or spores. These spores can enter the air you breathe and can get inhaled by you and can have contact with your skin. Typically, they are not harmful. When you inhaled or touched them still, they can cause minor or even serious symptoms to some.
  • Mould Growth. Usually, when condensation is getting worse, it can result into the development of mould. This can actually harm your health. You are will be in a situation where this can cause you respiratory allergies. If not solved the earlier, this can make your condition worsen. This is because  you are inhaling an air with mould everyday.
  • Staining. Your window and some other parts of your home are not free from staining caused by condensation. The staining on the surface will make it not appealing.
  • Decay and corrosion of the building fabric.  Because of condensation, there is a big chance that the building fabric can result into rotting and corrosion. This makes the foundation of your building structure become weak. When the building materials become weak chances are, your property can become seriously damaged over time.

Condensation is a serious problem where you need to put attention into when you discovered it. By doing so, you are preventing any possible complication that will put you into harm or even damage to your property.

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