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How to Stop Penetrating Damp

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  • How to Stop Penetrating Damp
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  • 09-08-2016
How to Stop Penetrating Damp

How to Stop Penetrating Damp

Damp is one of the most common problems you can have at home. Learn how you can easily stop penetrating damp from becoming a problem at home.

When it comes to damp, it can be a real unsightly event. Not only does it look bad but it can also cause damage to your walls and gutter systems. This is why is always important to try and stop damp as much as possible. This is mainly done with preventative maintenance. You should make sure that you gutter systems are properly installed.

There are different types of damp, including condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp. Rising damp usually occurs on walls close to the ground.

Condensation can happen in the bathroom or kitchen, while penetrating damp can happen anywhere. Penetrating damp usually leads to a black mould and a very musty smell. It can damage your wall plaster too.

One of the first things to do to stop penetrating damp is defined the source of the moisture. Once this is fixed. You should repaint the walls and possibly fix any damaged timber. You should make sure that all pipes are completely sealed that moisture can't get out.

It can also phone a professional team to help damp proof your home. This is a sure way of preventing damp from causing damage again. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is needed to ensure damp doesn't damage your home.

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