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Rising Damp

Rising damp; as the name suggests is found in buildings when ground water has been able to rise up through the walls. As the damp rises upwards, you will usually require tanking damp using tanking membranes.

Often this is due to faulty, low quality or missing damp proofing. Signs that you have rising damp in your building is a line on a wall that shows some deposits being left as well as damage to the skirting boards too.

Rising damp is not only an unsightly issue. It can also damage some of the structural aspects of the building and cause irreversible damage to the walls themselves.

If you are concerned with the rising damp issue in your property and you are in the Bedfordshire area, then perhaps ProTecure can help.

We have over 30 years' experience in the industry. We can effectively treat and protect your property against rising damp as well as many other issues that can arise.

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Our team understand the importance of completing quality work for every customer. We also ensure that the work is carried out quickly and with minimal disruption to your life.

Treating rising damp is more than just covering over the issue, but also getting to the root of the issue too. By recognising the underlying causes and making the required changes you can be on your way to a damp free property.

If you are in the Bedfordshire area and have the issue of rising damp in your property. Give ProTecure a call.

Whether big or small, we can diagnose and treat the issue. Ensuring that you are left with a property that is looking great and built to last.