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Understanding Penetrating Damp

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Understanding Penetrating Damp

Understanding Penetrating Damp

Buildings and homes can suffer from serious problems with their walls whenever heavy rain falls. There are instances where rain pours hard and the water penetrates the walls. This can cause damage to the building's walls and its entire structure. When this happens, it is called penetrating damp. 

What is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp is best described as the access of water into the walls of the property. It can enter the property through different means like rook leaks, damaged gutters, and broken windows.

Because of these, damp comes into the property. This affects the walls which is not good for the property. This is a serious problem to property owners. This can be one of the reasons why a property may deteriorate which will become more costly to repair.

What causes penetrating damp to happen?

Penetrating damp does not happen whenever it wants but it has a cause which you should be aware of. There may be an area where the water can easily penetrate into the walls. This is true no matter how small or big your property is. 

Here are the causes of penetrating damp:

  • Tainted Mortar and Chipped Bricks: When the bricks are damaged, it allows the water to enter which can cause penetration damp.
  • Deficiencies in properties: Defects can be seen in properties and if it is not easily fixed, it may cause some serious trouble. Deficiencies in properties can cause penetrating damp. Some of the deficiencies are poor windows, damaged roofing, and faulty gutters.
  • Porous Walls: When the walls are absorbent, you can expect that water will penetrate. This is especially true if the walls are already too old, which are usually weak.

If you are aware of these causes, you will surely know how to make improvements. This allows you to avoid penetrating dampness in the best way possible.

Indications that Penetrating Damp is happening

There are signs which will tell you if your walls are having some water penetration. 

  • Blotches are visible on the inside walls
  • Mosses are growing
  • When the surface of the wall or brick is damaged
  • The odour of the property starts to smell like moulds
  • The covering of your walls is greatly affected or dented
  • When you see these signs, it only tells that penetrating damp is occurring

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