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Why is Penetrating Damp a Problem

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  • 22-02-2017
Why is Penetrating Damp a Problem

Why is Penetrating Damp a Problem?

There are a number of serious problems that your walls or property may experience. Penetrating damp will surely be on top of the list. Commercial or residential properties are not exempted from this problem. It can strike to any property that it wants if there is a triggering factor.

When a building is well built, the materials are long lasting. This can reduce the risk so that penetrating damp is not likely to happen. When the property is well-maintained, the causes of this problem can be easily repaired. This will help stop the issue happening.

Penetrating damp is a serious problem to every property owner. This is because of the great disadvantages that it brings.

Penetrating damp may not be evident sometimes.  But when you look into your property carefully, you will see that the walls are being accessed by water.  This is not good and may cause serious problems which can cost a lot of money. 

Reasons why penetrating damp is a problem

Property Damage

It will lessen the appeal of your property and it will change your view of your property. Damage in the property is one big problem which cannot be easily resolved.

Wet Rot

This is another reason why penetrating damage is a problem. Wet rot may happen when water has penetrated too much inside your walls. When this happens, the property may decay little by little because of the water that has entered. It is not good to see your property rot because of penetrating damp.

Dry Rot

Rotting will not only happen when it is wet but it can also happen when it's dry. This is a considered reason why penetrating damp is an issue. When water penetrated inside the walls, it will dry up and once it happened, it may break the bricks or have damage on it. Not only that, blotches may be obvious too which is not good for the walls.

Call an Expert

When your property is experiencing these reasons, the best thing to do is to call ProTecure.   We will be happy to help you resolve your penetrating damp problems.

Water is not especially friendly to properties. When the gutters, roofs, windows, and other means of water entry are not in good condition, penetrating damp can occur. 

Call ProTecure and we will avoid your properties from penetrating damp.