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DIY Tips for Penetrating Damp

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  • 03-03-2017
DIY Tips for Penetrating Damp

DIY Tips for Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp can happen to all kinds of property. When a house or building is not well-maintained or let the water to enter, the walls can be damp. This is not good for your property.

Often, when this kind of situation happens, you always call the help of professionals.  This is a cost that you can try an avoid by maintaining your property. 

Having a professional company to do the work is great since it is fully equipped and knows how to resolve the issue. But if you are someone who has time and DIY experience, there are DIY tips that you can follow.  These can help you solve your penetrating damp problem.

DIY tips are very handy especially when emergency situations happen. Penetrating damp comes when you least expect it. You can easily resolve the problem since you know how to do it on your own. 

With the help of this kind of tips, you surely don't need any professional help. You may save money which is also an advantage on your part. Calling the help of a professional is a great solution but when money is the matter, it is not the kind of solution that you are looking for.

DIY Tips

When your windows have gaps with the wall, sealing it with a frame sealant is the best answer. In this way, you have removed the gap and also eliminated an entry for water.

A regular checkup

A regular checkup on your plumbing system is a big help. There are times that plumbing issues can cause penetrating damp. Having it checked regularly will let you know if there are problems with your plumbing system and you can easily resolve it.

Replace your old bricks

Replace your old bricks. The bricks are the most affected area in your property when penetrating damp happens because it sucks water. When your bricks are old, change them so that it will not let the water to enter.

Use sealants

Use sealants. There are times that sealants are the best solution. When your rendering has cracks, it is always best to use an acrylic sealant. In this way, the rendering will not be penetrated by water which can worsen the cracks if not treated.

Save money

Following these DIY tips, you are surely helping yourself spend great amounts of money since you can do the work on your own. The tips will help you to resolve penetrating damp on your own without asking for the help of any professional company.

If you find that any DIY solutions are not resolving your damp then the problem may be more serious. In this instance, you may need to call an expert.