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How Wet Rot Occurs

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  • How Wet Rot Occurs
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How Wet Rot Occurs

How Wet Rot Occurs

Wet rot can be disturbing if left untreated. It can rapidly grow and can spread over all surfaces. Wet rot looks unpleasant and it can be a pain to the eye. When you need wet rot to be removed in an area, feel free to call a professional service. A damp expert can handle both simple and complex issues.

Wet rot shouldn't be confused with the more severe dry rot. It still  has the potential to create damage to your valued property. Wet rot attacks timber in the damp conditions. Eventually, this makes it as the common reason for the defects found in almost every structure.  This is particularly true when you don't check for it.  You should also ensure that a wet rot treatment is in place. 

So, how these wet rots occur? Let us dig a little deeper so we know. This page will let you have an idea how they exist. 

In order for wet rot to grow, it needs to have a regular source of moisture available. Often, this occurs from one of the following sources:

  • Defective Plumbing System
  • Downpipes
  • Gutters
  • Stone Pointing

Thus, if there is a presence of moist and wetness, wet rot may potentially occur.

When the excess moisture infiltrates the timber, it can let the fungal spores to germinate and then grow. Eventually, this will lead the timbers to lose their strength.  Your property will start to become damaged over time. 

If the wet rot is left untreated, it can cause major problems in your structure. It will begin to weaken the timbers over time. Wet rot need a moisturised surface for it to have a suitable place to grow. This can be the result of water leaks or a damaged gutter.

However, it cannot spread through the masonry. You can stop it from growing and multiplying if the source of the moisture is taken away  from them. For some parts of the building that have constant moisture, wet rot can cause significant damage. This can happen before you become aware that there is a problem in that particular area. 

So, make sure that you check your property or building on a regular basis. This is important especially if you have had a defective plumbing system. 

This will help you avoid the wet rot build up. You may choose to go for a professional service once wet rot becomes unstoppable. If you require a wet rot treatment,  ProTecure can help you. 

Do you have a wet rot problem? Read more in our guide to dry and wet rot.