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What is Dry Rot

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  • 31-05-2017
What is Dry Rot

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot can greatly affect any type of wood. It can be found inside and outside residential and commercial properties that are made of wood. It can produce potential damage that gets worse when it remains unsolved over a few days. It is a  decay that is usually found in wooden structures. 

Typically, it is caused by fungi which develop because of exposure to excess moisture. This can be from a leaky pipe, damaged down pipes, and rainwater from your roofing system. It is an issue in which you can become expensive to fix. However, it can be prevented when you make a move in advance. 

When dry rot takes place, fungi break down the parts of any kind of wood. As a result, the pedestal of your home will get rotten and weak. After a long time, it can ruin your property. That is why, when you see signs of dry rot, take an action right away to reduce complicated problems in the future. 

Dry rot may have a blocky appearance and may be brittle. It can only affect damp timber with excess moisture content for about 20%. In addition, it got its name because weakened wood is commonly dry. 

It is considered as one of the most damaging problems you can experience in your property. It easily spreads from one area of wood to another. When it is not solved effectively, more problems will occur after a few days. Worst of all, the longer the dry rot goes unaddressed, the most damaging it can become. 

When you have exerted your efforts to solve the issue without good results, hire a professional service provider. You will feel ensured that your choice has well-equipped people and advanced equipment. 

Reduce the Value of your Property

Dry rot can lessen the value of your property. You may start to feel ashamed when somebody visits your house. So, it is important to solve your dilemma before things get worse. Once you perform your responsibilities as a homeowner, you can protect your home from dry rot effectively. 

You can boost optimal comfort in your property by treating dry rot. Besides, you can achieve a more refreshing and magnificent ambience. Never wait for the time when your property has acquired dry rot. 

You have to make your place moisture free beforehand. Thus, you should safeguard your investment against destructive problems like dry rot to ensure durability and appeal.

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