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What Is Wet Rot

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What Is Wet Rot

What Is Wet Rot?

Wet rot is naturally decaying when regular and constant moisture is present. With the high-level of moisture, it can grow rapidly. The presence of wet rot is unwanted because it can cause structural damage over time. It has the capacity to soften the surface once it is left untreated from the very beginning. 

Wet rot is a general terminology used to describe variations of species of fungi. This fungus is responsible for rot in wood. The most common type is called ‘Cellar Fungus' or Coniophora Puteana.

Any timber that is exposed to high-level of moisture can be affected.  If there is a regular and constant amount of moisture, it can provide a breeding space for the wet rot spores. This means that it can occur for different reasons. 

Some reasons  that your building may develop wet rot include: 

  • A leaky roof 
  • Burst pipes 
  • Damaged  plumbing system 
  • A washing machine that is incorrectly connected
  • A leaking bath  

Whatever the reason, if your timber is exposed to the damp over a long period of time, the result may be a wet rot buildup. There are limitless possibilities to solve these issues.  As a homeowner - it is your responsibility to take a specific action from the very beginning. 

Once the causes of wet rot are stopped or prevented, the buildup will never happen anymore. Check your area and see if there is any wet rot growing. Never overlook these problems. Ensure that you inspect your gutters, plumbing system and other causes of damp.  Moisture is the main reason why wet rot exists. In the absence of constant moist, wet rot won't grow and live. 

There are two main types of wet rot. You should be aware of them, together with their effects. There are brown wet rot and white wet rot – and both of them can be very destructive to the timber. Depending on the types of woods you have, their effects are different.

Brown wet rots generally, cause cuboidal cracking and timber shrinkage

White wet rot tends to reduce a timber to a fibrous and stringy texture

The main solution for the wet rot outbreak is to control the place where they grow and live. If needed a professional service can be used to stop these from developing. Feel free to contact our specialist to help resolve the issues. ProTecure are here to help.

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